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Jinyang (Jinhua) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
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Jinyang (Jinhua) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Professional Hardware Tool Manufacturer.

We are a professional sheet metal tool cart company and china manufacturing tool cart factory integrating product design, R&D, production, and sales.

Our company has over ten years of sheet metal manufacturing experience and senior technical personnel. It has perfect and advanced equipment: a Yawei CNC turret punching machine, laser lowering machine, Yawei CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, lathe, milling machine, welding machine, etc. We can undertake high-difficulty and complex sheet metal process products.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of honesty, satisfaction, reasonableness, harmony, and progress, and constantly tampers with technology, production, and quality management to meet customer needs. We can custom design Tool Cart at factory price online.


Some Of Certificates We Have Obtained

ISO9001:2019 quality management system certification, to ensure that the product quality is stable as one.

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Industry Knowledge Extension About Tool Cart

How To Customize The Sheet Metal Tool Cart?

The customization of sheet metal tool carts usually needs to be designed and manufactured according to the specific needs of users. Here are some key steps and considerations when customizing a sheet metal tool cart:

1. User needs analysis: Communicate with users to understand their usage scenarios, tool types and quantities, and determine the goals and functional requirements of customization.

2. Design and planning: Design and plan sheet metal tool carts according to user needs. Consider aspects such as body construction, number and size of drawers, bulkhead setup, accessory needs, etc.

3. Material selection: Select the appropriate sheet metal material according to the design requirements, such as cold-rolled carbon steel plate (SPCC) or stainless steel.

4. Production and processing: According to the design drawings, the production and processing of sheet metal tool carts, including material cutting, bending, punching, welding and other processes.

5. Surface treatment: Surface treatment of the finished sheet metal tool cart, such as grinding, spraying or electroplating, etc., to improve the appearance quality and corrosion resistance.

6. Assembly and debugging: Assemble the manufactured parts, and carry out necessary debugging and inspection to ensure the normal operation and stability of the tool cart.

Through the above steps, a sheet metal tool cart that meets the needs of users can be customized to meet their specific tool storage and carrying needs.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Three-Layer Shelf Stainless Steel Dining Car?

The three-tier shelf stainless steel dining car has the following characteristics:

1. Multi-layer shelf: The three-layer shelf design makes the stainless steel dining cart have larger storage space and display area. It can provide multiple levels for placing food, utensils, seasonings and other items, which is convenient for organizing and displaying goods.

2. Stainless steel material: Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant material with good hygiene and durability. The dining car made of stainless steel can resist the erosion of humidity, food acid and alkali, etc. It is easy to clean and maintain, and keeps food safe and hygienic.

3. Stable structure: Three-tier stainless steel dining carts usually have a stable structure and strong support. It is reasonably designed and strengthened to ensure the stability and load capacity of the vehicle, and can safely carry and display all kinds of food and items.

4. Mobility: Stainless steel dining carts are usually designed to be movable and equipped with casters or wheels for easy movement and use between different places. This allows the food truck to be flexibly adapted to different business environments and needs, such as street stalls, exhibitions, event venues, etc.

5. Multi-functional configuration: The stainless steel dining car with three shelves can be equipped with various functional modules according to needs, such as heating cabinets, refrigeration cabinets, sinks, workbenches, etc. This can meet different types of food processing, display and sales needs, and provide more operating space and convenience.

6. Personalized design: Stainless steel dining carts can usually be personalized with appearance design, such as color, logo, decoration, etc., to meet the brand image and style requirements of the merchant. This helps increase brand awareness and attract customers.

The three-layer shelf stainless steel dining car has the characteristics of multi-layer shelves, stainless steel material, stable structure, mobility, multi-functional configuration and personalized design. It is a practical tool for mobile food sales that provides good presentation, handling and hygienic conditions.

What Convenience Does The Cold-Rolled Steel Tool Trolley Provide For People?

Cold-rolled steel tool carts provide people with the following convenience:

1. Mobility: Cold-rolled steel tool carts are usually designed to be mobile, equipped with casters or wheels, so that they can be easily moved around the workplace. This provides convenience for workers, who can carry tools and equipment to where they are needed, avoiding the hassle of frequent back and forth to retrieve tools.

2. Centralized storage of tools: The tool cart provides a space for centralized storage of tools and equipment. By setting drawers, shelves and hooks of different sizes and types on the car body, workers can arrange and store various tools in an orderly manner. In this way, workers can quickly find the tools they need and improve work efficiency.

3. Easy to organize and manage: The design of the cold-rolled steel tool trolley allows tools and equipment to be neatly placed in the specified position, which is easy to organize and manage. Each tool has a fixed storage location, allowing workers to find and return tools quickly, reducing the possibility of loss or confusion.

4. Neat work area: By centrally storing tools and equipment in the tool cart, the work area can be kept tidy and fresh. There is no need to scatter tools on the workbench or the ground, avoiding chaos and hidden dangers in the work area, and creating a safer and orderly working environment for workers.

5. Quick response and flexibility: Due to the mobility of the tool cart, workers can quickly respond to different work needs and bring the required tools to where they are needed. There is no need to retrieve tools back and forth, saving time and energy, and improving work flexibility and efficiency.

Cold-rolled steel tool carts offer the convenience of mobility, centralized tool storage, easy organization and management, clean work areas, and responsiveness and flexibility. It provides workers with a convenient tool storage and carrying solution, making work more efficient, safe and organized.