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Jinyang (Jinhua) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
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Jinyang (Jinhua) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Professional Hardware Tool Manufacturer.

We are a professional hand sheet metal tool box factory and wholesale hand tool box manufacturer integrating product design, R&D, production, and sales.

Our company has over ten years of sheet metal manufacturing experience and senior technical personnel. It has perfect and advanced equipment: a Yawei CNC turret punching machine, laser lowering machine, Yawei CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, lathe, milling machine, welding machine, etc. We can undertake high-difficulty and complex sheet metal process products.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of honesty, satisfaction, reasonableness, harmony, and progress, and constantly tampers with technology, production, and quality management to meet customer needs. We can custom design Hand Tool Box at factory price online.


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ISO9001:2019 quality management system certification, to ensure that the product quality is stable as one.

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Industry Knowledge Extension About Hand Tool Box

Portable And Stationary Manual Sheet Metal Toolboxes

Manual sheet metal toolboxes usually include portable and fixed types, both of which contain commonly used manual sheet metal tools. Here is a brief summary of them:

1. Portable Manual Sheet Metal Toolbox:

The portable tool box is designed to be portable and mobile for field repairs and small sheet metal fabrication tasks. It usually includes the following tools: manual shears, manual punches, manual crimpers, manual benders, manual drills, manual welding equipment, manual hammers, manual pliers, cutting knives, etc. Portable and maneuverable, these tools are ideal for small-scale sheet metal fabrication and restoration work.

2. Fixed manual sheet metal tool box:

Stationary tool boxes are typically installed in the job shop or on the bench for large-scale sheet metal processing tasks. It usually includes a greater variety and more comprehensive set of tools. Common tools include: punching machines, bending machines, shearing machines, plate rolling machines, punching machines, laser cutting machines, welding equipment, grinding machines, sheet metal fixtures, fitter tools, measuring tools, etc. These toolboxes provide a larger workspace and more functional options for large sheet metal fabrication and mass production tasks.

Portable manual sheet metal tool boxes are suitable for small-scale field repair and machining tasks, while stationary manual sheet metal tool boxes are suitable for large-scale workshop processing and production tasks. Depending on your specific needs and task size, choosing the right toolbox can improve productivity and precision.

What Are The Features Of SPCC Manual Toolbox?

SPCC hand tool boxes are usually made of SPCC (cold-rolled carbon steel plate) material, which has the following characteristics:

1. Durability: The SPCC material has high strength and wear resistance, and can withstand greater force and use pressure, so the SPCC hand tool box has a longer service life and durability.

2. Portability: SPCC material is relatively lightweight, which makes the overall weight of the hand tool box light and easy to carry and move. This is especially convenient for workers who need to move frequently or perform maintenance and processing on site.

3. Anti-corrosion: SPCC material has good anti-corrosion performance after special treatment, and can effectively resist oxidation, corrosion and rust. This allows SPCC hand tool boxes to maintain their good looks and function when used in wet or harsh environments.

4. Stable structure: The SPCC manual tool box adopts a solid structural design, which is connected by welding and bolts to ensure the overall stability and rigidity of the tool box. This enables the toolbox to withstand greater force and vibration during work, protecting the safety of the internal tools.

5. Multifunctional storage: SPCC hand tool boxes are usually designed with multiple compartments and panels, which can be stored hierarchically according to different tool sizes and types, so that the tools can be placed in an orderly manner for easy management and quick access.

The SPCC hand tool box has the characteristics of durability, light weight, anti-corrosion, stable structure and multi-functional storage, and is suitable for various occasions that require hand tools for maintenance, installation, disassembly and processing.

What Are The Common Applications Of Manual Toolboxes?

The hand tool box is a common tool storage and carrying device, which is mainly used to store and organize various hand tools. Its main applications include:

1. Repair and maintenance: Hand tool boxes are often used in repair and maintenance work, such as home repairs, car repairs, electronic equipment repairs, etc. A variety of commonly used hand tools are stored in the tool box, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, electric drills, scissors, etc., which are convenient for the staff to carry out maintenance and deal with various problems.

2. Construction and decoration: In the field of construction and decoration, hand tool boxes are a common way for workers to carry and store tools. The tool box contains various measuring tools, cutting tools, installation tools, etc. for measuring, cutting, installing and adjusting building materials and decorations.

3. Machining: Manual tool boxes are also commonly used in the field of machining, such as metal processing, woodworking, etc. Toolboxes store a variety of measuring tools, cutting tools, drilling tools, clamping tools, and more for precise measurement, cutting, and processing of materials.

4. MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION: The hand tool box functions as a management and organization tool in the home, job shop, and project site. It keeps tools organized and easy to find what you need quickly, improving work efficiency and reducing time wastage.

Hand Tool Boxes provide a convenient way for workers to carry and store tools around the job site, providing functionality to facilitate, organize and protect tools.